Play Nokia's Classic Snake & Space Defense On your Android

Play Nokia's Classic Snake & Space Defense On your Android

1. Classic Snake 2

Classic Snake 2 features:
- original snake controls like in old nokia phones
- 11 snake levels
- snake high score that cannot be reset
- 3 different phones that you can play snake on: Nokia 3310, Nokia 3210, Nokia 5190
- 2 game modes: normal (run throught walls), labirynth (choose one of five labirynths)

"Classic Snake 2" App Screenshots

"Classic Snake 2" Apps Video

2. Space Defense

Perfect Space Impact from Nokia 3310 phone Remake

Space Defense is an perfect and only one available for Android Space Impact game remake knowed from Nokia 3310 phones. If you loved to play this game in the past and want to play again for hours this is the best choice for you. You can't find any other game that is so simple and fun as this.

It is made as similar to original game as I could.

- original graphics
- original controls
- 8 original levels
- original sounds

"Space Defense" App Screenshots

"Space Defense" Apps Video

How To Download And Install games

Go To Android Market (Google Play)
Search "Classic Snake 2" &  "Space Defense"
It's Available For Free to download & Install 

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